Sunday, 21 February 2016

Extended Research: Hong Soonsang

Hong SoonSang has been a huge inspiration with my character designs, I love his use of facial expressions and the characters proportions. I especially loved his Robin Hood series of characters, the character sheets are gorgeous and show the characters personality well. I want to take his form of layout with the character sheet and the angle of the expression which would aid me with the final storyboard angles that I want to incorporate into my animation.

At first I really struggled with trying to draw in a more western style, and I soon found that the eyes were the main cause to this problem. Using SoonSang's work as an influence, I drew the characters eyes without any detail. It reminded me of a Disney-esk style which reassured me that the design held a more Western approach compared to the Japanese influence that I have absorbed into my illustrative style. I wasn't too sure about the rosy cheeks, however I quite liked the red nose, it gave it a cartoon look and reminded me of Gravity Falls. 

Shooting Star Works

Robin Hood  'Robin'

Robin Hood  'Will'

My first 'Hero' design using SoonSang as an influence

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