Sunday, 21 February 2016

Extended Practice: Statement of Intent

Compared to my Rationale, I found it difficult to write the Statement of Intent with the amount of information that I could add to the sections. This was partly through how much information that I personally knew at this stage of the process as well as with the people that would be involved in the project. With the stakeholders I purposely left it vague just incase something was to happen in the unforeseeable future. For example the voice actor that has agreed to help me, may for some reason not be able to voice act for my animation, this could be through the amount of work he has for himself or he may have lost his voice. I would then need to find another voice actor which would clash against my Statement of Intent. 

I also changed the outcome that I would be making since I made the Rationale. In the Rationale I was set on making a teaser trailer however with tutorials and working on a coherent story, I am now making a pilot episode. 

Here is my Statement of Intent:

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