Monday, 1 February 2016

Extended Design: Hero sketches - Ink

Whilst drawing the Shadow with ink to generate ideas, I did the same with the Hero character. I knew that ink wouldn't necessarily help me with the shape compared to the Shadow design however it did stop me from throwing away mistakes or drawings that I didn't like the look of, as I couldn't erase the ink like I would be able to with graphite. This made me continue with lines that I didn't like which helped me to continue with the main lines for the hero character. I grew more confident with the main lineart as I continued to draw the character. I still need to design the facial features to one that is more western influenced however I want to focus more on the aspect when I take the design to photoshop. I wanted this exercise to purely help me with the main lines of the figure, face and hair, almost like designing a strong silhouette for the character.

The last two images were originally drawn for the Extended Project however they were used in the COP3 Practical for the final outcome. Even though these two images were marked for the COP3 module I wanted to show the design process that was originally intended for the Extended Project.

Used in Cop3 Practical

Used in COp3 Practical

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