Monday, 22 February 2016

Extended Research: Dreamworlds

Dreamworlds is a fantastic read for anyone who wants to learn more about composition, how the professionals frame their shot with flat colours, to draw the eye through the layout design. I wish I had read this earlier through my COP3 Module, however this has really helped me with my work in Extended with my storyboards. I struggled with trying to get the flow of the shot, how the audience reads through the frame. I think it was mainly due to how I had drawn the backgrounds in the thumbnail storyboards. Using guidance from Dreamworlds, I started to block out shapes first before totally deciding on the layout of the backgrounds, this is to ensure that the information within the composition is easy to read for the audience.

Not only has this book aided me with the layout of the backgrounds, but also the use of staging with the characters. I vaguely read through staging when researching for my dissertation, I had decided not to continue with this aspect through how it could have been a whole other essay in itself alongside more elements of Mise-en-scene. However for my animation the use of staging and blocking will be essential for dialogue scenes in my animation. Quite a few of the pages are just full of images but this is vital for examples and showing how these are applied in animated features such as Disney's Cinderella and Aladdin.

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