Saturday, 2 November 2013

Undone - Stop Motion by Hayley Morris

The stop motion animation "Undone", portrays the affects of Alzheimer's through the use of the sea and string as it devours an old mans memories and identity. The model of the old man is made with such attention to detail and semi realism which makes the model seem slightly creepy through how the rest of his body is made from similar string to the one that is taking his memories.

- Summary of plot -
An old man at sea fishing at sea, catches a blossom tree, which fades along with what could be a memory.
nostalgia and loss. Catches another memory, which he tries to hold on to but the string takes it away. He keeps catching memories alas the string tears it away, leaving the man confused and sad.
eventually the string and sea engulfs him and he reverts back to being a child.
- End -

I feel that this video beautifully portrays the way Alzheimer's effects people through the use of string as it eats and drags away his memories and the sea, which is distant, desolate and vast. The added sound track aids the animation through how it makes the stop motion feel daunting through the distant obscured voices that seem to echo and unravel into the sound of the sea, making the scene quiet but not peaceful.
In this short, the sea makes the character shown isolated, with suggestions of fear, bewilderment and child like mannerisms as he approaches each memory with confusion.
The sound track includes what I can only describe as a high pitched kettle whistle, distant obscure voices, the sound of crumpled paper which gives me the interpretation of alienation, empty space, unravelling and makes me think of something slowly being chipped away.

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