Thursday, 7 November 2013

Salesman Pete

Salesman Pete from Salesman Pete on Vimeo.

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Salesman Pete is an animation created by the Steakollective group, who design short animations full of humour and aesthetically pleasing digital illustrative designs.
(See more of the animations, such as Meet Buck and Dog, on their vimeo.)
The story follows a salesman who is actually a secret agent and has a microprocessor implanted into his brain by some mad scientists, which gives him amazing strength and other qualities such as being able to cook. His steak sidekick joins him on his mission to retrieve this magic stone that can change anything into seafood, which has been stolen by some villains.

This animation holds gorgeous digital painted designs giving a unique style to the short, which makes me love it that much more with the added humour of the piece. The facial expressions of the characters makes the animation that much more fun and intriguing through how it completely portrays the emotion across to the audience without the aid of dialogue.

I would imagine that to be able to create this piece more than one digital animating program would have been used for certain parts of the short, for example mixing After Effects, Photoshop - Frame by Frame and Maya.

Walter Drop - designed by Steakollective

Back to the future redesigns - Steakollective

In the Steakollective group, there are different illustrative designs which are interesting to see as I can imagine each being animated into a short through the cartoony ink and colour of the characters. 

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