Thursday, 7 November 2013

Apply Animation - Storyboard

For my initial idea of the surprise theme, I quickly sketched out the key frames of the short and was able to easily see and plan the animation through the use of these thumbnail storyboards.

initial storyboard 1

In these thumbnail storyboards, I vaguely considered the angles of each frame, which I need to consider when I create the final storyboards. 

initial storyboard 2

When creating the final storyboards, I thought about the distance between the character in the frame and the objective, for instance, looking behind the character, zooming out, low angle or close up, needed to be considered.  The angle of the frame and the expression of the character can help to create an atmosphere or strengthen an emotion that you want to get across to the audience, for example, to portray happiness, you would use a close up to show the expression of the characters face, or to portray depression/sadness, you would use a high angle of a character curled up in a corner of a room.

Part 1

Part 2

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