Thursday, 7 November 2013

Fear of flying - Conor Finnegan

A live action animated short film by Conor Finnegan.

FEAR OF FLYING from conorfinnegan on Vimeo.

This animation short contains a beautiful model set and backgrounds matched with the process of a digital animation layered on top. The use of this animation fits well with the story, which portrays an owl who has a fear of flying, and matched with this model and digital approach, it somehow engages the viewer more.

The plot follows an owl named Dougal who goes out to buy and stock up on food for the upcoming winter and bumps into two other owls, Lucy and Dick, who are about to fly south for the winter.
As he is too scared to fly, he lies and tells them he'll meet them later, and after buying food he ventures home. During that night he is then robbed by a squirrel and all of his food has gone. Knowing that in order to survive he has to fly south, he attempts to fly and falls straight to the ground. He decides to try and walk south but as soon as it looks as if his luck has ran out, he finds an airport in which he boards a plane and heads south. After flying in the aeroplane he believes he has overcome his fear of flying and meets Lucy again in the south.

A glimpse into the MAKING OF "FEAR OF FLYING" from conorfinnegan on Vimeo.

It was interesting to see the making of the animation through how they moved the model and merged this process by layering the digital animation over the top. I also like the use of the pulley to move the model which is then replaced with the digital limbs. Adding both of these processes together worked well through how the tactile appearance of the set and model make the short aesthetically pleasing and the digital process being used for the kinetic movements of the characters. The use of the green screen in the background is genius through how it gives a sense of depth and the scene being in another animated world. 

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