Thursday, 7 November 2013

Alma - Rodrigo Blaas

Alma from Anderson on Vimeo.

The video starts with a view of the city, slowly ease in/zooming in on the main character, dancing through the street and writing his name on the wall. As he turns around, he sees a doll which looks just like him, so he tries to investigate. The shop door opens and he is greeted by an array of dolls, with a doll on a tricycle trying to get out the shop door.  As Alma reaches for the look alike doll, he ends up turning into the doll and we see that every doll there was also a child, and the cycle continues, awaiting for the next victim.

The animation uses digital process, such as Maya and possibly Unity 3D (however this is used for game design), which gives the animation a young audience approach matched with the softened and big eyed design of the main character.
In this animation short, I like the use of the detail of the frost and the snow falling, matched with the texture in the characters clothing, aids the aesthetics of the short.
The use of reflection of the characters expression as he looks into the window display works well through how it shows the intrigue and curiosity of the character. The movement of the character runs smoothly and life like through the slump and casual body language of the boy. 

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