Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Extended Practice: Backing track music

For my soundtrack for the animation, I really wanted to be able to have an instrumental track that would enhance both the atmosphere and the animation. I first contacted Leeds College of Music, the Leeds Orchestra Group (LUUMS) and Leeds Beckett University.

After a few days I got over 10 emails with interest in collaborating with my work from Leeds College of Music. Only 2 people send examples of their work, one of which was Daniel, who I chose to collaborate with. I really liked his work, it ranged from being ambient to having character absorbing an adventurous approach, which is what I was looking for.

Daniel was incredibly lovely and considered the examples and the style of my animation well. We mainly communicated over Gmail and Dropbox as these were the easiest forms of communication as well as the advantage of Dropbox with being able to send bigger files to each other. On Dropbox you are also able to comment on each piece of work which was fantastic for commenting on what needed to be improved/edited.

I'm really happy with the audio so far! I think the start of the crescendo needs to start a bit sooner however I will be presenting this at the next crit, hopefully feedback will help me with anything else.

Using Gmail

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