Friday, 18 April 2014

Sandman storyboard and animatic

When drawing the storyboards, I tried to incorporate the theme of the Sandman Overture comics, having frames link and flow into another, with movements/actions that would lead to the next sequence. I was debating with the amount of detail that I should add for the characters, as even though the majority would be silhouttes, I thought about adding a few lines that would show the hair line and the creases in the clothing, which I believe would work well when it shows the main character in full detail.

The opening sequence - showing the main character Morpheus appear,
I think with this introduction he should be in a silhoutte form but with slight detail as
to see his detailled appearance later on in the animation sequence.

As Morpheus moves his head, he begins to fade into waves of sand
carrying on into the next sequence with the butler.

The iron gate begins to slowly open, with the addition of audio of metal creaking and inside we see fate
and the camera moves around him

As camera zooms into the book, the image of the landscape and begins to appear.
Thinking of the addition of text, the text could be highlighted with a low opacity white box?
We see the girl in the painting begin to move.

The shooting star needs to move near the characters head and zooming past the head
and into the star.
In the actual animation, to give more focus on the star and character movement, visually it
might work better if the landscape faded was only shown with in the character
The star becomes the jewel which is around Morpheus's neck and we see
Morpheus in detail, cloak moves as background slowly moves with it.

Connecting with the previous sequence, the end titles show as the character moves his hand and disappears
as well as.

From this storyboard, I created an animatic, which I was able to think more about the timing and spacing of the sequences. I feel that in the final animation I will need to slow and quicken parts of the sequences, as through group feedback I realised that the title was not on for long and the addition of other text needs to be on screen for at least 3 seconds so that the audience would be able to read it.

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