Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Rhinestone Films

I recently stumbled upon Rhinestone films work on tumblr and fell in love with the use of textures with in the animated gifs. It really inspired me with the style flow and constant change with in the character, whether the pattern or structure of the character changed. In one of the animation it shows a character in a medium shot walking across the frame and in one change of the structure the body turns into wisp like shapes which helped me to think about the structure of how the characters with in my animation would disappear into shapes of sand. I really like the tactile printed grain that the animation has, it reminds me of the design you would obtain through monoprint and etching techniques through the appearance of the solid colours with in the gifs.
The animations are created using the timeline animation on Photoshop, the animator commented that having been used to be an illustrator, he couldn't find an animation software that held those tactile and textured properties that he could entwine with his pieces other than Photoshop.


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