Saturday, 19 April 2014

Sandman design development part 3

I experimented further with the style of my drawings which I could take with the sandman animation, by working with ink and watercolour to get a mixture of saturated and desaturated tones within the image. I feel that this worked well with the addition of the sand as the character disappears, however if I was to create the image again I would use a stronger guideline as when working directly with ink, I had to change the head of the character as originally I was going to draw morpheus with in the lineart of the character Corinthian. However due to the darkness of the ink the guidelines were lost so I decided to leave it with just morpheus's head, even though the head doesn't seem to have a neck as I drew his head lower to try and show the corinthian outline. I believe that the mask with in the hand outline worked really well as the hues were strong enough to show the outline and match with the characters head, however I still feel that corinthian needs to be the end character that disappears through his personality traits in the sandman comics.
I then moved on to drawing in graphite to gain a better understanding of the amount of detail that I would be adding to one of the images in the animation sequence, I decided to continue with a mix of Phil Hale and the original comic artist of sandman overture, J.H.Williams III as I wanted to develop my style into a more western approach but not too much to the stereotypical square chins and overly muscular male characters.

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