Sunday, 20 April 2014

Photoshop development

After rotoscoping and changing the design of the character, I started to add detail to the composition. I did not want too much detail as the detailed character is later shown in the video, even though they are the same character I wanted slight facial features in the beginning of the animation to full detail later on, as if finally recalling what the character looks like to go with the dream like illusionary theme of the animation.

I first created a new layer and used the bucket tool to fill with black which I then lowered the opacity over the lineart. I then used the lasso and brush tool to fill the face and collar in white as these white spaces will show the landscape in the final cut of the animation.

I then used the lasso tool and selected the line art, I needed the lineart to be white so that the outline would be seen clearly in the final composition, I used the Hue/Saturation adjustment with the lightness value being +100. Originally I used the wand tool to select the outline and the bucket tool to fill with white however the line became hideously pixelated and found it easier to solve this by using the lasso and changing the colour via hue/saturation.

When I started to animate on Photoshop through the Frame by Frame process, every layer would appear on the same frame, and after I had hidden the layer on each frame, I would go back to the first frame to edit the design and it would then change all of the frames again. I couldn't work out why at first but after looking through the panel options I realised that the "show new layers in every frame" was selected and this was the cause of the problem.

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